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Giffing this cos it made me FLAIL


The majestic Pada hair is BACK 

David Luiz’s lost snapchats

"Theon Greyjoy deserved what happened to him! Hes evil! After all, he KILLED those two children!" ▷


List of major characters in a Song of Ice and Fire who have encouraged, allowed, committed or intended to commit the murder of a child or children (for the purposes of this post, a child is anyone under the age of sixteen):

  • Eddard Stark
  • Catelyn Stark
  • Arya Stark
  • Hoster Tully*
  • Tywin Lannister

J2 @ Supernatural panel, SDCC 2014.

With an actor father and a producer mother, surely that must have opened doors into the world of film and TV? “Look, if you’re a plumber and your son wants to be a plumber too, are you going to tell him, ‘Go and make your own fucking way of it, mate - I’m not going to help in the slightest’? But I was never offered any parts for just being their son. Once you get into that audition room, nobody gives a shit who your parents are - no one will watch a movie just because Keith Allen’s son’s in it. People have always pointed it at me, but it’s something I’m definitely over. I think it’s just jealousy half the time, people saying that.” - Alfie Allen for FHM Collections S/S 2014